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South Florida Builders Upbeat About New Home Market

I have reposted an interesting article about the positive repsonse builders are having to the current high demand. The highest in over 6 years with 5 straight months of positve growth…but just like buyers in some somw South Florida markets, there is a lack of building lots.

Steve Roberge

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Home Prices Increase in Broward, PB Counties

The repost below is from Steve Roberge, my South Florida contributor writing about market conditions in Ft Lauderdale. Steve is a top producing agent with Coldwell Banker in Ft. Lauderdale. Steve will be a regular contributor to my blog. Steve.Roberge@gmail.com. Confirmation of what we are seeing in the Ft Lauderdale market. “After the six years of turmoil that we had, it’s good to see the trends strongly moving in the right direction,” John Tuccillo, chief economist for the Florida Realtors. A repost by Paul Bowers.

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South Florida Market Review

Ina Paiva Cordle’s reporting in The The Miami Herald provides great context for the South Florida real estate market and reaffirms what we realtors are experiencing in the market. It looks like home values may have hit bottom in 2011, retreating to 2002 levels, and are creeping upward now.

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Miami Market Buoyed by Foreign Money

An article by Roben Farzad in this weeks Bloomberg Businessweek illustrates a very different Miami and general South Florida real estate market than we are used to writing about.

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