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Provincetown- Studs To Shingles – Winter

Winter is here. Christmas and New Year are past and the real “off season” has begun – but construction continues unabated on several fronts in our little village. East End and West End – the rush is on finish these projects by spring.

What I love seeing is the quality of buildings that are going up – many replacing wonderful older houses, but doing so with attention and respect to the past and with quality materials and thoughtful siting by incredible tradesman.

Before and after pictures are so intriguing. Sometimes projects look vwery similar to the original, other times you wouldn’t recognize the buildings except that they are at the same address.

44 Franklin Street, was a sweet 645 square foot single family house with one bedroom and two bathrooms. It sold in June of 2017 for $650K. It sits on a large 5,227 square foot lot and is being nicely renovated into a larger house, perhaps into two units.

294 Bradford Street is one of those historic parcels that goes all the way through from Bradford street to Route 6. A beautiful house is being built on the Bradford Street end of the lot. The lot lot sold for $267,500 in June of 2017.

199 Bradford Street was a wonderful old two family Victorian home that sold in 2017 for $560K. It had three bedroms and two baths with 2000 square feet. The transformation is exceptional.

#21 Pilgrim Heights Road is a beautifully sited water view lot that sold in 2017 for $1.1M. It is an L shaped lot wider at the water view side. They are building a striking modern three volume home – all with water views. It is impressive and I cant wait to see the finished product.

These four projects represent the broad range of building and development happening in Provincetown. The diversity of style and location speaks to the heightened level of real estate choices town.

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