Parking In Provincetown = Pricey!

Interesting post by Jazmine at There is lots of demand for parking in our little fishing village.

Provincetown’s Priciest Parking Space Wants Six Figures


Compared with the price of parking spaces in Boston or —gasp!—Manhattan, this Provincetown spot is a virtual steal. Alas, as far as Cape Cod is concerned, the six figure asking price for a place to park is still pretty mind-boggling.

While PTown is the Cape’s best neighborhood for going car-free, not everyone arrives by boat, bus, bike, ferry, plane, or gyrocopter. Hence, there’s a very tight parking situation, making this tandem spot at 5 School Street look really rather dreamy.
Gorgeous, right? The “Unique Parking Space Easement in the West End near Commercial Street” can accommodate two cars and is asking$100,000 with a condo fee of $50.