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Provincetown – Studs To Shingles – Holiday Edition

The winter season is here. The Canteen Christmas Market is open, and Holly Folly just ended – but construction continues unabated on several fronts in our little village. East End West End – the rush is on to close in these projects so work can continue inside throughout the cold winter months.

What I love seeing is the quality of buildings that are going up – many replacing wonderful older houses, but doing so with attention and respect to the past and with quality materials and thoughtful siting by incredible tradesman.

Before and after pictures are so intriguing. Sometimes projects look very similar to the original, other times you wouldn’t recognize the buildings except that they are at the same address.

I have selected what I think are the most interesting builds below. Some are close to completed, others have just started. I’ll keep updating my blog as these projects progress and report on others that begin.

6 Atwood Avenue is an iconic West End property. It sold in 2016 for $1.420M. The current owners have done one of the best renovations of its kind in the West End. It is a very special property nestled into the fabric of Atwood Avenue.

6 Commercial Street was a rare buildable lot in the West End just yards from the water at the Moors. It sold for $610K in March of 2019. A beautiful house has been built on the lot and is close to being finished.

28 Cottage Street is a four family house that sold in February of 2018 for $1.250M. It has been developed into four two bedroom condos. Two have sold and two remain available. Units #1 and #3 have sold for $605K snd $687K. Both were two bedroom two bath units with smart design and amenities.

509 Commercial Street is an iconic waterfront property in the East End just outside the Gallery District. The property originally sold in 2015 for $825K after asking $1.2M. The building, in need of total renoavation, had five bedrooms and two baths in two units. The property resold in mid-renovation this past October for $1.9M. Work continues on what is sure to be a beautiful renovation project.

51 Commercial Street is a large property directly west of the West End parking lot/boat launch. The property sold for $5M in 2017. It consists of seven dwelling units in multiple buildings and inlcudes 53 Commercial Street too. The work is ongoing but huge progress has been made. My indication is these will be rental properties. Ill keep you posted if I hear differently.

Watch for updates on in the weeks ahead.

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