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Disaster Averted – shout out to the best first responders for your home ever!

A story I hope never happens to you. Only by some kind of karmic alignment were we able to get through the day – every service provider showed up with smiles and humor and efficiency. I am posting this personal story because every one of the companies that showed up deserve every bit of promotion and good will that I can give them.

A cold Saturday morning in February our toilets won’t drain – ugh! Backed up and coming into the basement from the overflow pipe. Not Pretty!

Called Ian’s Plumbing. Ian answered the phone in person. 508-699-7384 – I didn’t expect that but hallelujah. He says its probably a clogged main drain, or could be the septic system. OMG!

Ian sends me to David at Rooter-Man Cape Cod. David was in Eastham, and can be here shortly, team member Ed to follow. The nicest guys in the world, and really know what they are doing. Told them the story – they think it’s the septic. They locate the septic tank and the leeching field, with a handy plot plan I have at the ready. YIKES. Both are totally full. Who knew – no warning. (Should have it pumped at every two years). He jumps on the phone and calls J Rodericks for an emergency pump – gets them in person. (again – how lucky are we?)

Chris (a septic savant) and helper from J Rodericks Septic and Sewer  (508) 487-1578 are here within 15 minutes with a pump truck. Unbelievably they do the job in half an hour. Chris has serviced our system in the past and was as thorough and personable as always.

We still had a mess in the basement as that’s where the overflow went when it was clogged up. We called Whalen Restoration – they could not have been nicer or more efficient or quicker in getting a team mobilized to come to Provincetown – the team was here two hours, late on a Saturday afternoon on a holiday weekend. WOW! Gregg and EJ pulled the truck into the driveway and had hoses, dryers and dehumidifiers ready and working in moments… and they were as friendly and respectfull of the house and our time as they could possibly be. They were done in two hours. Unbelievable!

I don’t know who was nicer, Ian, Gregg and EJ from Whalen or Chris from J Rodericks or David and Peter from Rooter-Man Cape Cod.

So from 11AM to 5PM – an adventure no one should have… but if you do, keep these companies in your phone and address book. Spread the word and use them and refer them often. They are all exceptional and deserve all the promotion and business they can get!