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Black Bear Update!


At 6:15 am Wednesday, June 6, 2012, Provincetown police received two reports from local citizens regarding a black bear sighting along Route 6 and in the National Seashore. Officers discovered bear tracks in the areas where the bear was sighted. Police notified the National Park Rangers and the State Fish and Wildlife Large Animal Rescue Team. Fish and Wildlife Team members responded to Provincetown to evaluate the condition of the bear. The public is reminded to use common sense and stay safe.   Massachusetts Black Bears are a regulated species. Do not seek to locate or harass the bear for any purpose.   According to the American Bear Association bear attacks on humans are extremely rare. Bears are typically shy and easily frightened. To prevent nuisance encounters with bears store garbage indoors or in secure containers. Do not feed or leave food outside for any wild animals including bears. Take birdfeeders indoors.   Should the public encounter the bear:   Stay calm. DO NOT RUN (running may elicit a chase response by the bear)   Pick up children so they don’t run or scream.   RESTRAIN YOUR DOG.   Avoid eye contact and talk in a soothing voice.   If the bear stands up, he is NOT going to attack but is curious and wants a better sniff or view   Back away slowly. If the bear chomps their jaw, lunges or slaps the ground or brush with paw he feels threatened.   Slowly retreat from the area or make a wide detour around the bear. DO NOT block or crowd the bear’s escape route.   These guidelines provided by the American Bear Association.     The public is encouraged to contact the Provincetown Police Department at 508-487-1212 with accurate and detailed sighting details.   More information can be found from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.