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Provincetown – Nosy Neighbor – New Construction -Spring Edition

This post features some great private home construction and renovation projects as well as some new multi-unit developments. I say nosy neighbor with humor as any information I post about a private home is information that is in the public domain – I would never compromise anyones’ privacy. These incredible projects illustrate the level of confidence that the owners and developers have in Provincetown. This speaks to the strength of the market and to the desire that these folks have to invest and live in what is one of the most beautiful and diverse towns in the world.

The “Ronny White” house, a traditional ranch at 65 Franklin that had a huge front yard and in ground pool around back, sold several years ago. The large lot was subdivided and transformed into the 65-69 Franklin St condos and a soon to be finished single family house at 6 Race Road. Three buildings with two units each have been built over the last several years. The single family home which is in mid construction phase, is on the left in the picture, with two of the other buildings visible on the right. The pictures are from a similar vantage point on Race Road. Neighbors were originally a bit skeptical of the added density but it has turned into a welcome addition to the Franklin Hills neighborhood.

51-53 Commercial St sold in 2016 for $5M, and included all of the buildings at 51 and 53 Commercial Street. The picture on the left is of the original house at 51 Commercial St. You can see a peek of this fully renovated house on the rght of the second picture. The newest building which is right next to the west end parking lot, and another building behind it that is on the water are featured in the picture. This project which includes five buildings has been ongoing over the last several years and is one of the most visible and striking developments in town. Here is a link to an earlier story.

16 Pilgrim Heights Road caught my eye as it looks like an absolutely gorgeous renovation. It was a rather un-traditional looking cape and is being transformed into a striking new expanded Cape. It is a six bedroom house with 2,648 square feet. Can’t wait to see the finished product. What a great addition to Pilgrim Heights Road.

69 Pleasant Street sold for $879K in November of 2021. It was an original 1850’s-ish cape with three bedrooms and 1,332 square feet. The renovatioin is total and looks to be coming along very well. This house is at the end of one of the sweetest country lanes in town that I walk with the pooch daily. Hopefully the finished product will compliment the setting.

49 Commercial Street the “Historic West End Twin Bays Property” sold for $2.1M in November 2021. It has four bedrooms and four baths with 1,820 square feet. As you can see it has been raised and is being fully renovated.

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